Cod cursNume cursNivelDurată
TR10053Basic Designîncepător2 zile
TR10051Essentials for NX Designersîncepător5 zile
TR10100Drafting Essentialsintermediar3 zile
TR16020NX Sheet Metalintermediar2 zile
TR10056Intermediate NX Design and Assembliesintermediar5 zile
TR13155Introduction to NX for Experienced Usersîncepător-intermediar5 zile
TR10035Mechanical Freeform Modelingintermediar5 zile
TR16030Routing Electricalintermediar-avansat2 zile
TR16035Routing Mechanicalîncepător-intermediar2 zile
TR19010Progressive Die Wizardintermediar-avansat5 zile
TR10043Synchronous Modeling and Parametric Designintermediar-avansat3 zile
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