Cod cursNume cursNivelDurată
TR25150Using Teamcenterîncepător4 zile
TR25455Application Administrationintermediar3 zile
TR25450Data Model Administrationintermediar3 zile
TR25460Application and Data Model Administrationintermediar5 zile
TR25540Customizationavansat5 zile
TR25350Installationintermediar5 zile
TR25950Integration for AutoCAD Usersîncepător1 zi
TR25940Integration for Catia V5 Usersîncepător1 zi
TR25910Integration for NX Usersîncepător1 zi
TR25100Introduction to Teamcenterîncepător1 zi
TR25930Managing Pro/ENGINEER data in Teamcenterîncepător1 zi
TR25770Managing Requirements using Teamcenterintermediar2 zile
TR25700Schedule Managerintermediar2 zile
TR25780Managing Systems Design using Teamcenterintermediar2 zile
TR28150Teamcenter As-Built Managerintermediar2 zile
TR28200Teamcenter Service Managerintermediar3 zile
TR25630 Teamcenter Manufacturing Assembly Process Planningintermediar3 zile
TR25640 Teamcenter Manufacturing Part Process Planningintermediar1 zi
TRCT2090Active Workspace Installation and System Administrationavansat3 zile
TR6200Teamcenter Projectîncepător2 zile
TR5001Teamcenter Visualization Professionalîncepător2 zile
TR5002Teamcenter Visualization Mockupîncepător3 zile
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